Aero with classic looks

We aim to preserve the traditional essence of cycling while integrating innovative elements. We take pride in presenting a timeless yet sleek collection that embodies our passion for the sport.

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  • Custom C1 aero socks in the Giro Next gen

    These exclusive C1 Aero Socks from Classick are specially designed and crafted for the Giro Next Gen 2023! 💖

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  • The Final Straight X Classick Custom socks

    The collaboration between The Final Straight and Classick. Especially for the final race of Jens Debusschere! 👀

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  • Belgian champion Jari Verstraeten sporting C1 socks

    The new Belgian Champion EZC Chooses Classick Socks and Overshoes Since His Victory 🇧🇪🥇

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  • Belgian victory king Rutger Wouters always rides Classick

    We are incredibly proud to have this highly talented Belgian cyclist representing our brand, Classick! 🏆🚀

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With the slogan 'Stay Classick, Look Sick,' we emphasize the perfect balance between a subtle, timeless appearance and the authentic, impressive essence of classic cycling. At Classick, we believe in looking stylish without being overly flashy, all while radiating the unmistakable flair of the cycling world.

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